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Feb 09, 2012 at 06:01 AM

Over time THPR will explore human pony play "tack" (the devises and items worn by the pony) in ever increasing detail, and of course a related complexity and cost.

Like any interest or hobby there is no end to the amount of money and "things" you can ultimately acquire.  However, before we work on pony play tack 201, 301, 401, etc - it is important to realize that there is only one piece of tack that is needed to explore being the human pony and/or being that ponies Handler/Trainer/Owner. 

The symbolic tack element which illustrates a person's willingness to become a human pony is having a bridle with a bit, attached to reins, put on the prospective pony's head.  Much like accepting and wearing a collar symbolizes "submission" in a D/s relationship, the bridle (sometimes referred to the headstall), bit and reins denote accepting the role of human pony. 

While you can invest in expensive bridle, bit, and rein sets made exclusively for the pony play fetish, uncertainty as to the level of commitment and the cost of those custom made sets can prevent beginners from exploring what might or might not become a lifelong role in human pony play.

Many pony Trainers suggest exploring an interest as soon as possible by keeping it simple, using things you can acquire easily and cheaply.  If you are excited by your explorations, you can always shop for better and more expensive gear. 

What is illustrated in this drawing, by talented artist and pony Kvika Vorros, is a simple bridle, bit and reins you can fashion for yourself from items you can acquire at the local hardware store for a couple of dollars.  You can even get fancy with it by braiding 6 or 12 strings into flat strap like units from your existing ball of heavy cotton packaging string.

The point is to explore being the human pony and/or being that ponies Handler/Trainer/Owner.  Who knows you may just discover a passion that can eventually fill a whole "Tack-Room"


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Comment by JGLEATHERS on 2012-12-18 16:20:13
As the designer and creator of all the tack used in the Pony Girls At the Ranch videos of long long ago, and having seen my designs copied many times, I am always interested in seeing what new gear comes along. 
Generally, I use real horse bits and reins, with the bit's metal teeth contact area being covered with a resilient thick layer of electrician's tape that can easily be stripped off and changed as required.

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